I am really happy to say that I am now sponsoring a wonderful initiative called THOAW.

In a nutshell - its aim is to help women impacted by poverty, through mobile photography.  It is a classic example of teaching the proverbial man to fish, so that he can feed himself for a lifetime.

With the twist that the man is a woman and the fish are local photographs turned postcards etc. sold to tourists and travelers. 

The pilot project already happened last year with some great women in a township in South Africa and was a huge success. These women learned the essentials of mobile photography, took photographs, made and sold postcards in just a handful of weeks. An amazing achievement for anyone, anywhere. The obstacles to them doing it were substantial. 

This whole thing was driven, quite remarkably, by a single person. A Canadian traveler, photographer and woman of action named Andrea Rees.

The project offers an amazing opportunity for myself and others to reach out and help people very directly - it is wonderfully rewarding and involving, I wholeheartedly recommend supporting the project and more specifically phase #2.


Join the THOAW conversation at mobitog.com :




AuthorDarren Richards